With a love for color and good times, I create art to compliment a life well-lived! Raised in the great state of Tennessee, I moved to South Carolina to attend Furman University, where I studied art and graduated with a B.A. in Communications Studies. The love of the state kept me in South Carolina, leading me to Charleston, where I have resided for three years. 

 All work is created within my studio, located in Charleston's historic arts district. Each work is one-of-a-kind, mirroring the unique forms found in nature. Taking inspiration from the land as well as the sea, I create paintings that aim to bring life and color into any space. I have found a growing influence from this beautiful city and its many charms. Other inspiration comes from experiences, studying other artists, and sometimes, a glass of wine.

Jenn Griffith Art works are featured in storefronts, art shows, publications, and homes all along the East Coast. I continue to learn from and grow within the creative community by participating in local and regional showcases and artist collective groups, leading painting classes, as well as through charitable donations of my work.

Jenn Griffith Art is a demonstration of the things that I find beautiful in the world and how I hope to share them with others. I aim to create art that will compliment your life well-lived! 

Contact directly for a rendering of your favorite landscape, abstract palette, or pet!

Jennifer Griffith